Why you need to complement traditional SEO with content marketing and social media marketing

by in Content Marketing.

I attended a webinar yesterday morning hosted by Kuno Creative, an inbound marketing agency. If you’re a content marketing, social media marketing, or SEO professional than I recommend you view the presentation below. If you’re limited on time, the key takeaways from the presentation, as discussed on slides 39-40, are as follows:

  • You should careĀ about the number of keywords that drive traffic to your site, not the specific ranking of any keyword.
  • Create lots of original, engaging content. Solve customers’ problems or entertain them.
  • Publish your content frequently. Kuno observed a 556% increase in traffic after shifting from 2-3 posts per week to 5-10 posts.
  • Don’t buy links or use link building services.
  • Due to recent changes to Google analytics, search results and traditional SEO ROI are more difficult to track.
  • Distribute your content via social media. I’ll add that you should go beyond distribution and engage customers with your content via social media (i.e., in two-way conversation).
  • Inbound marketing is the new SEO. More specifically, content marketing and social media marketing are fundamental to any successful SEO strategy.
Enjoy the slides!
The presentation and some other details are also available via Kuno Creative’s website.

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