The Benefits of Cold Calling (and Speaking with Customers on the Phone)

by in Content Marketing.

I’ve come across two articles recently that stress the value of cold calling for lead generation.

The first, from Jason Cohen’s excellent blog, A Smart Bear, suggests that cold calling and speaking with customers on the phone is a fantastic way to learn about your customers and your business as well as develop important industry relationships.

…even if you end up not being able to scale your business on cold-calls, it’s hard to believe you won’t learn a lot of valuable information in the process.

Another article showed up on my radar today (i.e., via my Intigi results) on the importance of cold calling for complex B2B sales. The author, Dan McDade, suggests that marketing and sales teams should:

…Use the telephone as real-time content marketing to get into deals as early as possible and become a business strategist, delivering exceptional value early in the process.

I’m frequently on the phone speaking with prospects and customers. As Jason and Dan suggest, these calls have yielded a great deal of insight about our customers and our business. I’ve also been able to share best practices and tips with customers to stand out as a content marketing and social media expert.

In short, whether or not you’re using cold-calling for scaling your sales, it’s an invaluable approach for any company, especially at the early stages when you still have a lot to learn about your customers and industry and when you’re building your thought leadership.

Now pick up the phone, and start speaking with your customers! You won’t regret it.

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