How I Built My Own “Google Alerts” on Steroids

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We recently enabled RSS feeds for all interests in Intigi so that you can automatically share to any site or service that can consume RSS feeds. Our customers are using this new feature to experiment with all sorts of integrations.

There is a great service called IFTTT (stands for “If This Then That”) which lets you take two services and mash them together to create new functionality. And because IFTTT can access RSS feeds, it makes perfect sense to use them to integrate Intigi with dozens of other services.

I’ve been trying out Intigi’s RSS feeds with to set up my own Google Alerts style notifications for one of my interests. It’s been working so great that I wanted to share how I set this up.

1. Grab Your Interest’s RSS Feed

First step is to find and copy your interest’s RSS feed URL (documentation).

 2. Setup Your “Recipe” on

Use the RSS trigger and the “new feed item” option so that when Intigi has new content recommendations it will trigger an e-mail.

 3. Customize Your E-mail Template (Optional)

IFTTT has decent defaults for the e-mail format but I wanted to do a little bit of customization. The title of the Intigi RSS feed is the name of the article but I just wanted that for the subject.

 4. Receive As-It-Happens “Google Alert” Style Notifications

Here is an e-mail that showed up in my inbox this morning. It is a super relevant blog article that Intigi found for me and IFTTT delivered this to me within an hour of this article being published.

Why This Is Awesome

1. Greater Control

Intigi allows me to use advanced query syntax (required, optional and forbidden terms) to specify what kinds of articles I want to be notified about. In addition to controlling keywords, I can also control what sources Intigi monitors for me. So if I keep getting noise from a particular blog or website then I can simply just block it. In addition to blocking sources, I can also only monitor a select group of sources (source bundles).

2. Time Saver

Intigi monitors 20,000+ online sources and there’s no way I can scour all those RSS feeds myself to find the super niche content that interests me. The example I’ve included in this blog post is my “Startups & Family” interest that helps me track topics at the cross-section of running a business/startup and all the personal family considerations that go along with that (but that’s a different blog post). So Intigi saves me time by bringing the news to me.

And IFTTT makes sure I get notified quickly so I can share that out via my twitter account where I’m trying to build thought leadership on this topic :)

3. RSS Included On All Intigi Plans

Every plan in Intigi includes RSS functionality so this opens up the door for all of our customers to come up with unique uses for Intigi including (for example) automatically sharing to Buffer or embedding curated news into your WordPress site.

If this sort of thing makes you geek out, please sign up for a free Intigi trial and start playing!

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