Are Your Target Customers On Pinterest?

by in Content Marketing.

There’s no doubt that Pinterest is currently the toast of the town in the world of social media. In the last couple of months, I’ve covered various facets of Pinterest in detail including how to use it for PR, marketing and in general, how it’s a handy tool for any business.

Link: Pinterest: The New Pinnacle of Digital Marketing | Smedio via

There’s been a lot of deserved hype around Pinterest over the last several months. Following the hype, numerous blog posts have suggested the benefits of posting to Pinterest as part of a social media marketing strategy. But before you jump on the bandwagon, you should first ask whether your target customers are actively using this social curation platform.

This Mashable article provides a breakdown of Pinterest users, as of February 2012. A few statistics that standout: 68.2% are women, 50% have children, and 28.1% have household incomes exceeding $100,000.

Do your target customers use Pinterest? You should answer this question before you invest significant time and money adding Pinterest to your marketing mix. If you’re unsure, then you can start with some light experimentation and measure the results of your efforts. This will provide concrete data and inform your next steps.


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