Why We Removed Social Sharing From ContentGems


Up until today, ContentGems offered built-in sharing to social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and blogging platforms, like Blogger, Joomla and Expression Engine. Today we have removed sharing to all but Twitter and WordPress. This post will explain why we removed social sharing from ContentGems.

Finding vs. sharing, what do we do best?

From day one, we’ve spread our resources and attention between finding and sharing great content. It’s become clear to us that ‘finding’ is where we offer unique value to our customers, and so we’ve decided to focus our energy on just that.

There are many great sharing options available, however not that many options to subscribe to an excellent stream of highly relevant content for your niche interests. As of today, we only offer sharing to Twitter and WordPress. For all your other sharing destinations, we recommend two of our favorite sharing tools that integrate with ContentGems: HootSuite and Buffer.

So why do we keep Twitter and WordPress sharing?

We’re keeping Twitter as a sharing option because ContentGems is better when you connect your Twitter stream since we filter content for you based on the people you follow. It only feels natural to keep this as a sharing destination.

ContentGems also works great in combination with WordPress. With ContentGems you can share curated articles to your self-hosted WordPress blog. This is another area where we provide unique value since few other tools support such an integration.

You can queue up a week’s worth of curated posts using our built-in scheduler and synchronously post to Twitter and WordPress.

We’re excited about this increased focus and the opportunity to dedicate more resources to building the best content curation tool on the web. Over the next several weeks, we will be launching additional enhancements to our service. Please stay tuned!

ContentGems Announces App Integration with HootSuite!


ContentGems and HootSuite

We have exciting news to announce! ContentGems, the content curation powertool, now integrates with HootSuite, the market-leading social media management system. With this powerful combination, marketers and social sharers can find and share valuable blog and news content right from their HootSuite dashboard.

Day and night, ContentGems monitors the best online sources and enables marketers to filter incoming content by their interests, which are made up of keywords and other advanced filter options. For each interest, ContentGems provides a collection of timely and relevant content recommendations.

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Intigi’s new “gem” of a name…


We have an exciting change to announce: Intigi is now ContentGems!

I’d like to take a moment of your time to explain why we are rebranding. We’ve talked to users, advisors, investors and the general public and received mixed feedback on the name Intigi:

1) It’s not clear how to pronounce “Intigi” when you read it (e.g., intigi with a hard g), and it’s not clear how to spell “Intigi” when you hear it (e.g., initigee, intijee). This adds a lot of friction when people want to share Intigi with others. If you’re in the mood for a quick laugh, check out this conversation about Intigi with Jason Calacanis.

2) “Intigi” doesn’t give you any sense about what our product does or how it helps you. We want a name that resonates with our audience of marketers. We believe that ContentGems speaks to the essence of our product: We help marketers find and share gems of content. Gems of content are hard to find but very valuable to you and your audience.

3) “Intigi” is hard to remember. We want to be remembered and believe that ContentGems is much more memorable.

Below you can see a preview of our new logo and name:


This weekend you will see ContentGems and our new logo appear throughout the site. While we are renaming the product to ContentGems, the application itself will remain the same, with all the great features you’ve come to depend on.

We are committed as ever to continually improving the product based on your feedback and I’d love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to email me at mjfern@intigi.com with any feedback or questions.

Thank you very much for your support!

Powerful Strategies for Content Marketing


Yesterday’s announcement that Google will shut down Google Reader brought this great article by Linked Media Group to my attention. They recommend the following activities for a successful content marketing strategy:

  • Use the right content platform: We strongly agree with their recommendation of WordPress. It’s a great tool for publishing your content and it integrates seamlessly with Intigi.
  • Update your content frequently: Search engines reward sites that frequently publish keyword dense content. The higher search ranking will help you rise above the noise in search engine results and drive more traffic to your site. Please note that improving your search engine ranking takes time (weeks to months), however once you have spun up that flywheel it will continue to work for you and bring new leads to your website. Intigi’s daily content recommendations are a great fit for this activity: they allow you to complement your original content with curated content related to your niche.
  • Optimize your content for the web: Optimize your content for grazing and scanning: keep your paragraphs short and highlight important concepts.
  • Integrate keywords with content: To get the best search engine results, it pays off to be smart about the keywords you include in your content. When working with Intigi, you get this for free because the recommended articles will already contain the keywords that are important to you. Two more useful tools for this activity are the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.
  • Cross promote your content: Once you have published an article to your blog, make sure to promote it on social media. Intigi makes this super easy by creating promotional posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Utilize social media to drive content search rankings: Your authority on social media impacts your search engine rankings. Intigi helps you build your audience on social media by frequently sharing relevant content to your network.
  • How to develop a content strategy: The first activity they recommend is to use (the now discontinued) Google Reader to build a focused stream of relevant content from thought leaders, news sites and blogs. We took this approach a step further with Intigi by allowing you to filter down this torrent of information to only contain articles with keywords that match your content strategy. You can use this noise free stream of content to share to social media and to get inspiration for your original posts.

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Google Reader is No More, Here are Several Nice Alternatives


Google just announced the closure of Reader. It’s hard to believe!

For replacements, we’re fans of the following applications:


- Feedly



- Reeder

If you’re looking for more control over your news consumption, then you should try Intigi. With Intigi, you can import an OPML file from Google Reader and then filter your incoming feeds by your preferred keywords and social signals (e.g., shares via Twitter). You can then easily share content to social media, a WordPress site, or even an RSS feed (e.g., to connect with IFTTT).

We’re a paid application, primarily targeting marketers, but we also have a number of startups and small businesses using our application to discover and share content.

Why you Need to “Position” your Social Media Sharing


“Essentially, you find where your audience is and go there. Common sense, but not so easy to do it if you listen to the buzz instead of your customer.”

Source: 19 Things Successful People Do On Social Media via www.forbes.com

This article presents some great points, but I want to spend a minute on point #3, about finding where your audience is.

First, before you can find where your audience is, you need to know who your audience is.

Identifying a focused target audience (e.g., your customer) is the first step in positioning your social media sharing. The next step in positioning your social media sharing is identifying your audience’s problem, desire, or as Clayton Christen likes to say, their “jobs to be done.”

Then you need to provide your audience with a solution. That is, solve a problem, share some useful insight, answer a question, or simply relieve them of boredom (e.g., entertain them through conversation).

When you identify a target customer and a problem, and provide a solution, you’re delivering value. It’s this value that helps you connect with your audience and build your brand.

Successful people position their social media sharing, and so should you!

Kissmetrics’ Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition


This great guide contains a comprehensive list of activities that help you acquire customers: From planning, set up, and execution all the way to analytics and optimization. Building your audience on social media, and driving traffic to your website through content marketing are on the list as well. Intigi is the ultimate tool for any content marketer who is committed to posting targeted content on a regular basis to social media and their blog.

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How to fix sitemap_index.xml with WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast


When using WordPress for your content marketing, you want to make sure that your content is optimized for search engine ranking. A great tool to do this is the WordPress SEO Plugin by YOAST.

We had an issue with this plugin where we got a 404 error when accessing sitemap_index.xml generated by the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. We also use the WP Super Cache plugin on our blog.

Here is how we fixed the issue:

Exclude sitemap files from caching

  1. In your WP admin go to Settings/WP Super Cache.
  2. Go to the “Advanced” tab.
  3. Add this string that forces a page not to be cached:
  4. Clear your cache for the changes to take effect.

Re-save the WP permalink settings

  1. In your WP admin go to Settings/Permalinks.
  2. Without making any changes, submit the form.

I assume that saving permalink settings somehow triggers a missing initialization step for the sitemap plugin.

9 Online Marketing Tips for Local Small Businesses


Local Small Business Social Media Marketing

Online marketing can go a long way to help small businesses stand out in a crowd and direct traffic to their door. This is done by generating a cycle of targeted marketing, brand awareness, and word of mouth marketing – each element working together to help guide people through the purchasing process. Small business owners can use social media to reach more people; use blogs to share their stories and build trust; use other content marketing (e.g., video) to be recognized as a valuable resource; and, use local search engine optimization to ensure that their customers can find them. → Read more